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The Enders are a post-punk/hardcore band based in Lafayette, Indiana. A 3 piece comprised of Sam Koch on bass, Kyle Martin on drums, and Ben Hagood on guitar and vocals, they formed in the summer of 2009, and ride the line between punk and metal.
I'm going to watch The Enders tonight!
thatguywhopostedthis가 작성 2010년 01월 09일 (토)
this task takes usually 20 people when preformed first you warm up with a bukkake on a girl, you and your 15+ group of friends all trash a girls body until you can't tell she's human, normal ways of doing this is fucking her doggy style while your friend curb stomps her then after that most people like to pull off a limb or two then burn the flesh so she stays alive after that usually you and your friends basically get what you want out of her (sexually) and once you feel your finished it's time to end her, you and your friends place her face down then all jump on her until she has no pulse and she has reached game over mode with no reset button.
Curtis: yo Davarious i heard you and ya boys gave Katherine what she deserved!
Davarious: hell yeah cuz, dat bitch owed me 5 bucks, so i got my crew and gave her the ender
Curtis: damn bro isn't that a lil harsh?
Davarious: naw, she claimed she forgot she owed me, because it was 3 years ago but i aint care i took ten out of her purse when it was all over because of interest
Dnelsbootyshorts가 작성 2010년 04월 24일 (토)
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