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"The Dildatrons" are primarily an underground punk/hardcore band from the UK. they also run a successful Royton based Adult shoe shine booth under the same name.
They have been known to experiment with many other genre's such as Metal, Virgin Jazz, Urine beat, Meow dance, pop, spoken word, freeform masturbation, cock rock, christian rock, satanic rock, defecation Bop and Horrible noise art.

The band site there biggest influence as Ian Botham.
There are no confirmed band bio's, However it is widley accepted that the band was started by Brothers Zoltar and Wolfgang after watching Mumford and sons in concert.

The band were originally called The Piss Flaps, but soon changed it out of taste after their mother suffered a bladder infection. (covered in song "momma no wee no mo")
the band now comprises of over 30 "Disciples of Tron".
The band have only ever performed one live show in front of an audience, they were forced to stop gigging due to the controversial nature of there performances. Allegations of Bestiality have since been cleared.
the band do post music on the internet, but at irregular intervals. Currently only "What you gettin Lemon for" is uploaded, However onn the 20th of december the band Offically announced they were relesing a new EP before the end of 2010 and it would be availiable as a free download.
luke: "did you go to the dildatrons gig last night?"
lou: "pardon, sorry im a bit deaf today"
luke: "ye man"
ilovezoltar가 작성 2010년 12월 21일 (화)
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