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is a form of "basketball" that is played by athletes only. This style is not truly "basketball", it is a form developed by those whose natural athletic ability has overshadowed players own progress of skill and understanding of the sport.

It is incredibly annoying to play with members of Texas Style, these players have never herd the terms over-dribbling, pass, jumper form, to much one-on-one, teammate, and foul (unless it benefits them at the end of the game). Texas Style players are often more concerned with "Got'ems" than actual points or winning. "Got'ems" appear to be so important that fans of Texas Style are seen running around the gym waving towels when a "Got'em" is performed. This "Got'em" is no specific move, in fact the moves can vary in degree and structure. For the most part, members of the caucasian race are percolated upon for the most chosen "Got'em".

Members of Texas Style basketball include D. Rose, J. Wall, LBJ, D. Wade, R. Westbrook, T. Thomas, and any player from the University of Texas. The term Texas Style Basketball was specifically invented for members of Rick Barnes Longhorn teams. Since the intro of Texas Style Basketball the expression has now carried over to the modern basketball player (no skill super athlete) found in the NBA, NCAA, and even local gyms around the country.
Steve: Hello Chris, How are you? Have you participated in any recreational sports recently?

Chris: I'm fantastic Steve, thanks for asking. I actually played basketball at the local gym last night, if thats what you call it.

Steve: What do you mean?

Chris: A bunch of Texas Style players were there running up and down the court just looking for their next victim to receive a "Got'em".

Steve: That is typical of Texas Style Basketball players, in fact Texas Style games are plagued with turnovers.

Chris: You're right Steve, from now on, the only Texas player I am acknowledging is Dirk Nowitzki.

Steve: You said it Chris!!!
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