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Fictional American marine from the video game Call of Duty World at War, playable in the Nazi zombies part of the game in downloadable maps in Shi no Numa and Der Riese (so far).
Dempsey fought in WWII against the Japanese, then he was captured and put into a horrible cell by the Japanese. So he chews himself out of the bamboo cage and kills the guards. In the game he fights against Nazis that came back to life, the story as to how he got there in the first place are not yet told in the game series, but there are many clues in the game. Most likely he was selected by German doctor Richtofen who needs help controlling the zombies which he most likely created. Dempsey is an awesome bad ass, he is around 26 years old and hates zombies. He's the kind of guy you can get along with.
1. Tank Dempsey is the best Call of Duty character ever!
2. Why can't I ever be Dempsey when playing online?
3. Why does Dempsey like Takeo
4. If they ever make a Nazi Zombies movie who will play Tank Dempsey?
USA COD fan가 작성 2009년 11월 03일 (화)
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