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1. (Verb) A rare and arcane method of ritual cocksucking that involves bending-over within a circle of twelve pudgy nude homosexuals, or "dumplings" as they are called, preferably bald and hairless, and systematically sucking one cock whilst the opposing "dumpling" buttfucks the Tampinco Toker, without lube, for approximately 10 seconds each, until the Tampinco Toker turns, counter clockwise for the next two opposing cocks in the sequence, and repeats. This is repeated until all twelve dumplings have nutted in either the Tampinco Toker's sullen mouth (swallowing is the Tampinco Toker's way) or well-worn asshole.

2.(Noun) Central participant of the "Tampinco Toke" as in "Tampinco Toker"; The Tampinco Toker is traditionally a diminuitive homosexual "bottom" in order to limit the diameter of the circle, as the small Phillipine huts where the practice originated could not accommodate the larger circles required of taller "Tampinco Tokers." Modern expansive architecture has since made the ritual sex-act's height requirement all but irrelevant for all but purists of the "Tampinco Toke."
"Hey, Odin, you want to go grab some lunch?"
"Naw man, I'm full as a muthafucka!"
"You already ate?"
"FOSHO! I just got back from a Tampinco Toke session, and I got more jizz in my belly and ass than a Thai ladyboy!"
"Taste the rainbow, bitches!"
Dawnn Keekong가 작성 2012년 11월 27일 (화)
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