good band. really feeling cute without the e. supporting greenday this summer- that must make them good- along with (simple plan) who are also good.
and will u tell all ur freinds
u got ur gun 2 my head?
this all was only wishfull thinking.
simple plan rock가 작성 2005년 05월 16일 (월)
great band amazing band dick suck should burn in fucking hell
u could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath id apologize for bleeding on ur shirt
seanster가 작성 2003년 06월 19일 (목)
The predicate part of the clause.

A "verb, adverb, noun" statement in the indicative mood, normaly used activily with the unknown subject part of the clause. The tense is unkown.

the predicate describes that the unknown subject is/has/had/will be/ect taking back sunday, as in...

To obtain the first day of the week, which was previously owned by you, from someother source.
Emo kids are taking back sunday.
Balishma가 작성 2005년 01월 10일 (월)
my favourite band, ever. theyre not touring anymore. its kinda sad.
hey warren, i had another dream about taking back sunday. it was kinda sad.
marjorie가 작성 2003년 06월 02일 (월)
THE best emo band in th whole f**king world
i love them more than my whole family
taking back sunday kicks ass
resident emo가 작성 2006년 07월 22일 (토)
a kick ass emo/ino band.
Taking Back Snday is so awesome
broken windows가 작성 2003년 06월 04일 (수)
...Eh, ::crys:: Emo-ness
Corie가 작성 2003년 07월 07일 (월)

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