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Riding around on a BMX, looking fresh whilst wearing a paint mask with a rucksack on filled with Spray Paint.
Do this in a group of 8+, going out at 1am hitting up all the major visible parts of your city leaving your mark.

A “Tag-Up” ends in going to a party which is held on a field. Loud music, alcohol and drugs.
You will hear House, RnB and Rap music at these partys the DJ is normally a well known underground DJ, and it changes every time there is an event. The people who attend these partys are not all the type of people that go out on these "Tag-Up" events. They are just there for the music, alcohol and drugs.

Only one person is aloud to take pictures of the night, and that person is a trusted member of the group. All images go on to the private site so people can see. Images are not aloud to go public without permission.

You get randomly invited to these events after you have been vouched for by another member and you must attend at least 6 before you are given rights to join the group officially, and gain access to the website.
Lets go on a Tag-Up
Nahh, it's dangerous man. People get arrested all the time for it
TagYourCity가 작성 2011년 07월 31일 (일)
In the bases metaphor for hooking up with women... Tagging up is when you are at one base (such as 1st base, makingout) and you move to go for the next base (2nd- grabbing boob)... and you get denied by the girl. You then return to your original base and await for your next opportunity.
I was hooking up with Emma this weekend and i went for second and got denyed but luckily i was able to tag up.
Tony Belviso, Aaron Duke, Joseph Bledsoe가 작성 2008년 01월 10일 (목)
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