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A social movement originating in Montreal, QC in May 2009 that mobilizes student 'party' activists to rally at BDP on tuesdays by having motivational power hours beforehand. The Tico Tuesday experience has led to unprecedented social change on the streets of Montreal as it has disseminated the works of social activist and hip-hop artist Tico to the masses. The TICO TUESDAY experience has attained its great success by combining 60 Colt 45 shots with Tico's work. Tico serves to strengthen bonds amongst participants and has fostered great solidarity amongst McGill BDP party members.

"Tico Tuesday: The Experience", is a sceenplay that is expected to be released in theaters this December.

There is also a lawsuit pending from BDP owners who claim that "Tico Tuesday's have encouraged rabble-rousing university students to wreck havoc on it's property in the name of party activism." Previous Tico run-ins with the law include public urination fines on st.laurent as well as multiple noise complaint and jay-walking fines. Rumors of violent break-in's to ice cream establishments on Prince Arthur have also been reported. Nevertheless, Tico Tuesday coordinators maintain that their movement is peaceful and encourages only civil disobedience and non-violent confrontation.

Tico Tuesday's are often followed by blackout train, as the two are not mutually exclusive. See, blackout train.
Novack: "Happy face! TICO TUESDAY power hour tonight, you down?"
Laura M: "Fo sho, only if we do blackout train afterwards."
Ari: "TICO! TICO! TICO!!! LOOK I can do the worm!"
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