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Toronto. Derived from Toronto, Ontario or T.O. (Tee dot Oh dot)
also Tee Oh
The first time I heard T dot was in a Rascalz video.
labelmonkey가 작성 2003년 10월 05일 (일)
Appropriate slang reference to city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada or immediate surrounds.
note:may or may not be preceded by "the"
Are you hittin that Beatmatch party in Tdot?
Little j (of Flylife)가 작성 2002년 08월 22일 (목)
Toronto Ontario, in Canada
Yo I wanna drop by T Dot for carribana
da_preach가 작성 2003년 08월 23일 (토)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.the name "T DOT" was popuralized to the mainstream through its use in a lot of tracks by toronto hip hop artists.
"TDOT make some noise!!!"
Joss the boss가 작성 2006년 07월 13일 (목)
the best city in the world

Everyone wants to be in the T-Dot
name가 작성 2003년 03월 08일 (토)
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