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{Also known Sentai} Ever heard of Power Rangers? If so,do you think America came up with all those good things by their self? NO! Sentai is the original Power Rangers. Alot of the action film and othern footage from PR nis from Sentai. Don't believe me? Here are some facts:

Sentai has been filming since 1970 while PR has been from the 90s
If you take a good, close look at MMPR and other early PR seasons, you might see a mishap in coustume as where the yellow ranger is a girl but is missing her skirt or somethiing like it.

Sentai is 3 seasons ahead of PRs, while PRMF is on America in 2013 the original version of it Tensou Sentai Goseiger was made in 2010
The plots are clearly better and way more thought out.
There are 15 sentai seasons that PR fans we never see in english because America didn't start adapting Sentai's Zyuranger (MMPR) until 1993
Sentai is more for teens and more mature people while PR is just for children.

To wrap things up Super Sentai was made from Japan somewhere in the 70s, and is basically the original Power Rangers.
"Do you still watch Power Rangers?"
"Fuck no, I watch the real things from Japan, Sentai."
"How do you understand it?"

"With eng subs, duh"
"Eww, sound like a lot of work for super seetai."
"Shut up, it's Super Sentai idiot.
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