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Armchair generals living cushy lives for the most part, but feel the need to generalise every living thing possible to feed their own narcissism and a medieval "us vs them" mentality.
What they refer to as "us", "we", "our culture" and "our achievements" is in actuality defined by the liberal West which they loathe with a passion.
Their definition of "we" includes nearly all European ethnic groups, which in reality have very little in common and hated each others guts before the liberal West untied this group into a greater European identity.
It’s interesting to note their take on mixing and sharing achievements as long as its within the approved list of ethnicities, aka whites. For example, America is seen as a "white nation" when in fact only a handful of European people were responsible for its creation. i.e Brits. At this time the Irish were considered slaves basically. But today they consider America a country for all whites including Irish, Russians, Italians etc
To join this elite group each ethnicity needs to offer an achievement which all whites can take credit for. The exception is Asians and Arabs in which case an elaborate revisionist history is invented where this elite club of ethnicities suddenly all become lets say, "Aryan" and are responsible for all civilisation in those lands. Note the term Aryan has no European origin whatsoever.
The best way to join the Elite club is by being blonde. Any savage Viking past will do. No questions asked.
Hurr durr, Im an Aryan. Worship my face. We will fight Muslims and Jews with our tiny shitty movement they have probably never even heard about. Strategy includes drowning them in informative leaflets.

Find more cringe stories at stromfront website
#aryan #nazi #wn #white nationalist #stormfront
Narcissist Killer가 작성 2010년 10월 04일 (월)
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