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An urban policy that has become maddness. It has gone from a policy of not betraying and turning in one's friends to the over the top policy of not talking to the police about anything. Even if the person who commited the crime has done terrible things, and he is not even from your neighborhood. A policy that has led to the ceasing of solving of inner-city crimes.
Person fed up with constant violence: "He murdered three people! He's not even from our hood!"
Person who has grown too used to it: You know the policy, Stop Snitchin."
IndicatedEye가 작성 2006년 04월 03일 (월)
An urban movement designed to scare people from narking or cooperating with police...the stupidest thing ever created....this is what happens when criminals have an idea
Stupid motherfucker from the hood: My daughter just got raped and I know who did it...I should tell the police but I know the rules.....STOP SNITCHIN!
youmightknowme가 작성 2008년 03월 19일 (수)
What used to be a criminal oath of solemn silence corrupted to being an act of police non compliance.

The idea of stop snitching is to ensure fellow criminals do not rat each other out when arrested. So if a drug dealer sells drugs, both the buyer and seller are the sole liability of the crime. They will not drag the other criminal in for a softer sentence or for protection from retribution and is fully responsible for his actions.

This code should not and does not affect innocents and should confess to allow the criminal to be arrested quicker. Even if they are of the same race. So being mugged by another guy in your neighbourhood would mean you can confess to who was responsible for it.

Very popular among rap artists who have promoted this message as a means to fight the law enforcement who have in the past worsened relations on both sides
What Stop Snitchin really meant back then:

Joe bought a piece off some gunrunner where he used it to kill a friend of another gang member, Joe was busted and was asked about who bought him the gun. As part

What Stop Snitchin means now:

Despite being attacked by a well known mugger, Jim refused to bring the criminal to justice and claims it would be snitching.
Linguo Dude가 작성 2011년 06월 29일 (수)
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