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A band from South Wales who have acheived huge chart sucess in many countries, they have a very hot lead singer called Kelly Jones.
Hey i went to see the stereophonics at manchester last night, they were excellent!
Vicki Baron가 작성 2003년 11월 04일 (화)
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Stereophonics, an extemely multi-talented group. They seem to put a lot of emotion into their performances. With songs that are hypnotizing and mood altering, like Mr.Writer, to mixing it up with Tom Jones, Mama told me not to come, they show complete diversity. AND YES, A VERY,VERY, SEXY LEAD SINGER!!!
Stereophonics - just enough education to perform !!!
Jess C.가 작성 2005년 06월 03일 (금)
The worlds best fucking rock/indie band in the world EVER!!! With the most fuckable lead singer/guitarist/songwriter/etc, AKA Kelly Jones, at 5'6" I'm one of the girls he's like because I'm short. Signed to V2 records Summer of 96, this band were dubbed by Kerrang "Britians Biggest Rock group" (all patriotic lads from Wales- originally known as "Tragic Love company").

"Jones’s voice is a killer instrument too, simultaneously raw and mellow, while his lyrics nail the disdain, boredom and affection inherent in small-town life." Q on Kelly Jones.

"...just like any other bass player - hanging back and looking cool." Richard Jones defines his role for Kerrang.

"On tunes such as ‘Not Up To You’ his drum patterns breathe life into the song and momentum into the show." The Times on Stuart Cable. (Who was sacked from the band 2003 due to commitment issues)

Have released 4 albums to date- Word Gets Around, 25/8/97. Reached #6 on UK album charts
Local Boy In The Photograph (#51)
released: 09 Feb 1998
Traffic (#20)
released: 20 Oct 1997
A Thousand Trees (#22)
released: 04 Aug 1997
More Life in a Tramp's Vest (#33)
released: 12 May 1997
Local Boy In The Photograph (#14)
released: 01 Mar 1997

Performance & Cocktails- 8/3/99.Reached #1 on UK album charts (6x platinum)
Singles:Hurry Up And Wait (#11)
released: 08 Nov 1999
I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio (#11)
released: 23 Aug 1999
Pick a Part That's New (#4)
released: 03 May 1999
Just Looking (#4)
released: 22 Feb 1999
The Bartender and The Thief (#3)
released: 09 Nov 1998

Just Enough Education To Perform (AKA JEEP)-26/11/01. Reached #1 on UK album charts (6x platinum)
singles: Vegas Two Times (#23)
released: 01 Apr 2002
Handbags And Gladrags (#3)
released: 03 Dec 2001
Step On My Old Size Nines (#16)
released: 24 Sep 2001
Have a Nice Day (#5)
released: 11 Jun 2001
Mr. Writer (#5)
released: 19 Mar 2001

You Gotta Go There To Come Back- 2/6/03. Reached #1 on UK album charts
Moviestar (Who knows the highest chart position... there's time to rise)
released: 09 Feb 2004
Since I Told You It's Over (#16)
released: 10 Nov 2003
Maybe Tomorrow (#2)
released: 21 Jul 2003
Madame Helga (#4)
released: 19 May 2003

Stereophonics and Kelly Jones have also done collaborations with Tom Jones (Mamma Told Me Not To Come), Dolly (Sometimes), Paul Weller (Call Me No. 5) and Manchild (Vocals on 'The Clichés Are True').

And books and videos and DVDs..... all avaliable from Amazon. All amazing, all worth buying.

People like to say te song "Help Me (She's Out Of Her Mind)" was written about me.
"Rock Gods? You mean Stereophonics mate!"
Kelly's Bitch가 작성 2004년 03월 27일 (토)
The best indie rock band alive. 'Nuff said.
Kelly Jones from Stereophonics is oh so orgasmic!
Jazlynn Thomas가 작성 2004년 10월 31일 (일)
One of the many gleaming diamonds incrusted into the crown that is Wales. If you do not like this superb band, you must have a very weak taste in music.
Male Stereophonics Fan: Man, i swear to god Stereophonics get better ever second!

G.I Jone가 작성 2009년 05월 03일 (일)
The 2nd best band (beaten only by Queen) tho Kelly Jones is far hotter than Freddie Mercury lol.
They rocked Manchester MEN!!! so glad i went...even if my m8 did get harrased lol
kimi가 작성 2003년 12월 13일 (토)
Definitely not the best indie rock band ever. Ever since their first album which was okay, their output has ranged from average to truly fucking awful. Their latest album is called 'Language. Sex. Violence. Other?', which is truly appauling name for an album, and the cover looks like a C64 loading screen.
Stereophonics are wank.
Kay가 작성 2005년 03월 19일 (토)
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