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A person (usually male) who only gets his sports information from the ESPN network and quotes their analysts indiscriminately claiming it as his own opinion.
Guy 1: "Did you know Joe thinks the SEC is the best football conference?"

Guy 2: "Yeah that's exactly what the ESPN commentators said; I've always thought Joe was a sports hipster."
Allen Killen가 작성 2011년 01월 01일 (토)
Most likely a male who grew up on sports center. He likes to play and watch a wide variety of sports. He mostly roots against the home town team. He will like teams that are not even close geography wise, but might like them especially for flashy jerseys or a single player. This person will dress in very unique sports apparel.He will have a wide collection of jerseys from many teams, and sports. These jerseys are out of the ordinary, and will be unique. If the jersey is vanilla then the Sports Hipster would not be caught wearing such a traditional uniform. Bold, Flashy, Rebellious and Athletic would describe a sports hipster.
For example if a Sports Hipster lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin he will become an Anti-Packer fan. Therefore getting much pleasure in the Packers losing, and taunting the fans. He will therefore like some random team like the San Diego Chargers just to make Packers fans ticked.
Clothing examples: Oregon Ducks football jersey; Maryland Black Ops; Wild tennis shirts; Crazy Golf Pants.
Manny1123581321가 작성 2013년 01월 15일 (화)
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