An event that occurs when your male
(-ho)and your eardrums sound to bullshit like "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

Also, see any pop music that's as popular to hate as it is to love
"Dammit! I was just "bopping" to "Slave" and suddenly my dick started to flame up everytime I piss! So I guess that means that whenever a boy/man listens to pop music it is completely the same as having ungloved sexual intercourse with a bangkok hooker, not washing your hands after eating a huge t-wave of diarrhea with little undigested corn kernels and remnents of a burrito in it, and drinking the urinal fluids of at least thirty different people! Fuck it all! It's not healthy to DO those four things?!!" (Yes, being a guy and listening to Britany Spears is just as dumb as eating shit.)
lazirus가 작성 2004년 07월 08일 (목)
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Gonorrhea II is another more lesser-known form of the infamous STD which has symptoms that manifest themselves in the following ways...
1. You throw up constantly and for no reason, as in even on an empty stomach.

2. You pass out every thirty minutes, and will most likely drown in incorrectly thrown-out shit (throw-up) unless some stupid-ass turns you on your stomach or is somehow able to waken you immediatly.

3. After at least a year of having the disease (if you're unlucky enough to live that long through all the constant upheavals) you begin to have terrible heaves when throwing up, because your body will be improperly trying to execute symptom #4.

4. But it will eventually execute it correctly, and you will begin to shit out all of your vital organs, starting with your spleen, and working its way up to your esophagus, and eventually to your windpipe. But you won't make it that long, as you will die seconds after shitting out your heart or lungs. Though it seems to be physically inopinable and totally medically untrue, it can and will happen to nearly a hundred Americans each month. Why only Americans? Because they're all wusses and sellouts and deserve such a gruesome form of dying.
lazirus가 작성 2004년 07월 08일 (목)

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