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A public university based in southern Connecticut (duh). It has roughly 12,500 students including the grad school. Its a big commuter school, but its becoming increasing residential. The campus has become very attractive, with a $230 million construction plan, including an AWESOME new student center, and a new library. It has a wide range of majors, but it excels in education (first named New Haven State Teachers College), health sciences & nutrition, communications, and especially psychology. Many of its programs are better than more well known institutions, including Quinnipiac (a complete rip off), and other state universities, including URI, UMAINE, and many others. The school is located in New Haven, CT. Its an awesome and very underrated college town. Other schools nearby include Yale, University of New Haven, and Quinnipiac.

The school has begun to shed its former negative reputation and is establishing its prominence among other public and private institutions. I personally believe its the best choice out of the 4 ConnState schools. It has excellent facilities, superb faculty (many of which also teach at Yale), strong athletics, and an improving reputation.

It has become increasingly difficult to get admitted to SCSU, and they just recently had to establish their first waiting list in the university's long history. SCSU, or as I like to call it ConnState new haven, is an excellent school, with a very bright, and prestigious future.
for the record...i dont even attend SCSU...its just become such a great and desirable school.

Southern Connecticut State University
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