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Someone who wrote a really harsh letter.

Or In agreement with said letter.

You: ok, i sent this e-mail to my ex. Long story short, she was making her arrangements to move out and i think had gone out to her sisters, anyway she comes homes and demands that i give her 2,150 dollars SO i LOL of course, guess what she says. "If you DO NOT GIVE ME THAT AMOUNT OF CASH, I WILL TAKE YOUR CARS AND SELL THEM". YUp, i had my cars under her name , so taht night i was eating a juicy burger and when i heard those words i lost my appetite LITERALLY. Anyway one car was worth 10 grand (prelude) which i bought in CASH, REALLY low miles 40k on the ODO. lemme stop rambling
here's the Email

I've been thinking lately why i should get back together with you becky. I asked myself what do i miss most about you? and the only thing i could think of is that you were humble, but i was wrong after you said you would take my car or cars and sell 'em if i didn't give a certain amount of money and that right there sealed your fate with us. WOW i said to myself, You were upset YES but you would go that far, and be a SNAKE, DECEITFULL,. SHAME ON YOU REBECCA, i know women use their emotions when they get upset but you took it too far. I mean i have my faults (which u never seem to admit and if you do say you have faults, i don't think you think and realize your faults). I mean we lived together and yes you wanted LOVE, in my world i DO NOT HOW TO SHOW LOVE, i never HAD A MOTHER and a FATEHR when he was there he himself seems like he was LOST. But i'm sure he loved me but he didn't know how to show it. ANyway were done rebecca, i regret meeting you, don't write me, don't call (unless it involves ava) don't call to say happy b-day, if i die let me die alone, if you see me in the streets see me as a stranger, dont' call to say merry xmas, or happy new year, I DO NOT WANT TO BE NEAR YOU, I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK AT YOU, I FEEL ANGER WHEN I SEE YOU, HATE is a STRONG WORD and taht's how i feel towards you. I'm ASHAMED to call you the MOTHER of my CHILD, I REGRET HAVING A BABY WITH YOU. As long as i live i will trust no WOMAN because of you, I WILL HOLD THIS PAIN AND ANGER as long as i live, it's all i know, and i will use it as my defense in LIFE.

Also do what you do BEST LET you GIRLFRIENDS READ THIS AND FURTHER BASH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Raysboomboomlude가 작성 2008년 08월 25일 (월)
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