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It is crakin. What happen. The best.
Bro this party shakin!!!
Hey,what's shakin?
#hey #crakin #happin #fun #party
queen cece가 작성 2011년 01월 29일 (토)
another word for cool, awesome, spectacular, fantastic, kickass, or jizzeriffic. its the best word ever! it's soon to become the most popular word in the southeast region of the United States.
Hey Moze! That V-Neck is fuckin shakin' mothafucka!!! AHHH!!!
#shake #shaking #shakin #word #cool #awesome #kickass
Will NNenchinsonnnnnnnnnnnn!가 작성 2009년 03월 13일 (금)
Shake & Bake
Whats Shakin?
Bakonyolo가 작성 2016년 05월 19일 (목)
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