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A week of non-stop partying of all upperclassmen highschool students in the Greater Baltimore area. Usually taking place from the end of May to mid July, the sad excuse for "partying" is designed for graduating seniors, but immature Juniors who finally got their licenses can go and feel a part of something special.
Guy: Hey, where are we?
Girl: Ocean City, Maryland. At Senior Week.
Guy: Oh, you want to party?
Girl: Yeah, wanna see my tits?
Guy: yes please.
Girl: Here ya go!
Guy: say... THANKS!
Ronster13370가 작성 2008년 07월 18일 (금)
A week-long experience for PA, MD, NJ and parts of NY graduating seniors of high school (sometimes the failures tag along for the ride). The week is normally in the month of june. Usually consists of renting from the dirtiest run-down houses to up-scale condos for a week in NJ, DE, or MD beaches. The week consists of straight binge drinking of all different kinds of alcohol from Natty and Guinness to Vladdy-Stoli, as well as consuming (in various ways) cannabis. Random hookups criminal behavior, and disregard for anything and everything are simply unavoidable during this week. From the minute senior week starts, so does the loss of brain cells. Wake up with a shot and go to bed with a bowl and a brew. Wake up the next day and do it all again but better.

Some seniors end up doing a senior summer which is senior week but lasts the whole summer.

After Freshman year of college, the former seniors loved the week so much that they end up revisiting the beaches for round two or even three or four the following years.
Person1: Hey where are you going for senior week?

Person2: I'm going down to Wildwood in june.

Person1: Aw damn man, senior week is going to be extreme!
Chad Reily가 작성 2009년 04월 29일 (수)
The week-long party that all Baltimore, MD senior high school graduates (and some others) attend where you are throughly introduced to all the things you will have in college: bad beer, cheap vodka, random hookups, old weed. Truly the best beginning of summer. Normally the first or second week in June.
O yea, I remember him. We went to his condo during Senior Week.
Newtie가 작성 2005년 04월 03일 (일)
A week long party in which Maryland seniors who have just graduated head down to OC (Ocean City, MD) and do what ever they want for a week or more. Typicall then first week in june, the second week after graduation while everyone else is still in school. Many college students return to senior week to do it again or do it with thier old high school friends. Often described as the greates week of your life thus far.
Wake up at noon.
Head to the beach.
Pick up some chicks.
Go back to the room chill
Go out to party
Wake up and do it again.
windwhippingoutmycoat가 작성 2009년 04월 18일 (토)
Also attended by anyone age 16-21. Juniors in high school take off school for a few days to feel cool and college freshmen go to do it over again right a.k.a Beach Week. No cheap vodka, give us the good alcohol! You make sure you stay in a condo with maid service because you know you are going to be to f***ing lazy to clean. Also, you know not to stay the entire week because you WILL get bored. Seniors talk about this event as freshmen and it becomes the topic of the day from two months before you book your place to three months after you get back. What no one can understand is why everyone goes down to OC to have a reunion when no one liked each other in high school anyway.
Have you booked your place for Senior Week yet?
tootrashedtoremember가 작성 2005년 12월 30일 (금)
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