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Seattle University is a small, quaint, Jesuit college located in a shithole ghetto section of Seattle and attended by students who couldn't make the bar for University of Washington but wanted to hang out in Seattle's depressing weather anyway because they mistakenly thought Seattle would be a great place to live.
Dude, I heard you didn't make it into UW.

Yeah but I can still hang with you in Seattle's depressing fucking weather 'cause Seattle University let me in. Hopefully that rain doesn't drive us to suicide.
Smack Baby가 작성 2011년 09월 14일 (수)
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Seattle University is a high school located in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle, WA. It calls itself a college but in reality there is nothing to make it resemble a college in any way. There are no good parties, no hot girls and no ways to have the fun that your friends will be having at real colleges. Do not make the mistake of attending Seattle University. It's a high school.
Jack: Hey, your going to Seattle University too?!

Dave: Yeah, man it's gonna be crazy fun in college!

Jack: Oh no, they dont allow any kind of parties on campus and none of the girls are hot or willing to have sex.

Dave: Oh shit, so basically high school?

Jack: More like middle school.
fuckthisschool가 작성 2012년 10월 07일 (일)
small jesuit school on capitol hill. people are generally nice and friendly, but girls, don't come here expecting a boyfriend. there's way more girls than guys, and more than half of those guys are gay. the rest are either uninterested or major players because they realize they can get any desperate su girl they want.

it's not a party school, but parties aren't hard to find (esp if you're in sports). most people love their weed and ciggs.

academically it's not hard (i'm a chem major). just don't be like me and get distracted by ppl or the fact that so many music venues are nearby. there's WAY too much to do in seattle, and su is literally in the middle of it all.

there's lots of school sponsored events-- movie nights, speakers, bands, outdoor trips, etc. students get discounts on plays (wicked was the most recent), some concerts (last was benfolds), hiking, paintballing, bus passes, and other things that i don't take advantage of.

if you care about diversity, i guess it's diverse. not a lot of hispanic or black people; most of the asians are from hawaii or guam. there's just as many vegetarians as meat eaters. it's a jesuit shcool, but most people are agnostic or don't care about religion. it's a small school, but you will find a niche and like minded people.

anywho i go here and i love it. it was my safety school, but i ended up coming bc of money (most people are like that here). you should come here too if you're not obnoxious :]
when i was applying for colleges, i never found seattle university so i decided to make a definition for it. now people from around the world can learn about seattle university based on this freshman's perspective.
ooolalala가 작성 2009년 11월 26일 (목)

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