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Sea Hag
“Sea Hags” are found in most coastal communities in Southern California and in many other beach environments throughout the world. They usually were cursed from early age with having large breasts and developed “out of control” egos from over attention by horny boys and men. They tend to have bleached blond hair and favor green & blue eye shadow. They are mostly loud, over- dramatic, gossipy and are recovering alcoholics, coke heads, etc. They belonged to the “mean girl” crowd in high school and enjoyed making fun of geeks or the fat kids at school. One major indicator sign of a “Sea Hag” are the Christian “Born Again” bumper stickers on their cars…such as “TRUTH,” “The Chosen” etc.
They usually dress 20+ years younger than their age and from a distance might look attractive in a cheap “Barbie doll/hooker” sort of way, but up close, their shallow contempt emanates through their caked on makeup which easily betrays their age. On contact with a Sea Hag a feeling of mistrust and revulsion will come upon you due to the putrescence emanating from their lost souls.

All Sea Hags are trouble-makers and several of their favorite past-times are sleeping with married men, pitting men in fights against each other over them in bars and befriending people to later betray them for their own selfish ends.

The origin of “Sea Hag” might come from the Popeye cartoon character.
Nina is such a "Sea Hag."
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Ian De La Rosa가 작성 2013년 06월 13일 (목)
A hideous woman found on a cruise ship
"By God Dr. Farnsworth! Why are you conversing with that sea hag?"
#lieclops #irregardless #nucular #fastness #sequal
Hank McDizzleson가 작성 2008년 07월 04일 (금)
1. n. A woman that looks as though she has been ravaged by years at sea.

2. a. Having little or negative attractive value. Usually a woman.
No boys like Sally. She's a real sea hag.
kevinem가 작성 2005년 04월 20일 (수)
A coupon clipping, gossiping, breath snapping woman who is quick to judge, bitch and freak out; usually found in packs.

Sea hags are divided into ranks; young woman start as Private Sea Hags and bitch there way to the dreaded Sergeant Sea Hag
"Brandon's sister is such a sea hag, with all the bitching she does she will make her way to Sergeant in no time."

The grocery store was having a killer sale on lemon curd, but that didn't matter to Nitz, she still bitched about it all afternoon. You just can't please that ole' sea hag.
#hag #bitch #judge #freak #sea
Mohrtician가 작성 2011년 06월 03일 (금)
Amber Tomcavage from Big Brother 8.
Amber Tomcavage is a sea hag.
#bitch #meth #ugly #hag #whore
Eunice Poltiyi가 작성 2007년 09월 15일 (토)
noun ... a hearty old salt; a veteran bayman, oysterman, crabber, commercial fisherman or other sort that works on the water for a living; not a newbie; also characterized by a hardened demeanor with somewhat wry sensibilities; tough sob's

synonym: old salt; barnacle bill; popeye

gender neutral term but given that maricultural and fishing operations are dominated by men more commonly associated with a masculine id
hey, check out that sea hag over on the dock. he's got a nice haul of some cherrystones.
#sea #sailor #old salt #bayman #water
jcbesq가 작성 2010년 11월 26일 (금)
A sea hag is a woman that didn't treat you right. Abruptly and loudly tell her to get out of your life by making only one surf-casting gesture that ends in a pointing finger and say "You didn't treat me right! Back to the sea with the rest of the hags you sea hag...that's the way it is!" Also, don't feel bad about it or try to figure out why she didn't treat you right 'cause you'll go crazy. And, you can't get in trouble for calling someone a sea hag, but you can for other stuff.
Back to the sea with the rest of the hags you sea hag...that's the way it is!
#seahag #asshole #bitch #wench #shrew
Sea hag victim가 작성 2009년 02월 26일 (목)
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