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Scrumunda Cheese:

A soft cheese especially popular in the mountain towns of chile for the last 15 years has found a popular following among american citizens. Typically used as a simple cream yogurt cheese spread for breakfasts and night snacks. Scrumunda Cheese or its latin name, Smegmafonous, is created through a simple process of collection, molding, and drying. once it is dried it is dropped as hard cubes into a mixture of goats milk, sour cream, yeast, mixed, and let sit for several days.

It is noted American culture has added whipped cream to this Chilean recipe. Although many people upon tasting scrumunda cheese will admit its flavour to be quite appeasing, upon learning its content many may be disturbed and upset.

Scrumunda cheese is the only cheese derived from humans. Scumunda Cheese's primary ingredient is Smegma. Smegma comes from The secretions of the sebaceous glands, especially the cheesy secretion, consisting primarily of dead skin cells found beneath the foreskin of the male genitalia.

Although it is primarily found in men, female farmed Scrumunda Cheese is also becoming somewhat popular. Known for its predominantly sweeter taste and typical upperclass audiences, Fe-scrumunda can also be found in local markets. Although it is more expensive and harder to come by. A Woman must first experience a yeast infection. It is primarly the discharge caused by the yeast infection that is the main ingredient in female scrumunda cheese.
Scrumunda Cheese, is without a doubt, the finest cheese in the universe.
donaldsaxton가 작성 2006년 12월 07일 (목)
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