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Possibly one of the best places in the capital reigon of New York to get one's high school education. Schenectady has a bad reputation compared to that of the nearby Niskayuna High School, whose diversity consists of three asian students., but that is only because the local newpapers don't know how to accurately report anything. For example, when a Niskayuna pothead was caught growing marijuana in his closet, it was reported as the crime of a "local student" but when a Schenectady student starts a food fight, you can basically find they're whole biography in the article. People fail to notice that almost all student in these suburban schools are complete druggies or go out and get drunk every weekend at college parties where thirteen-year-old girls give blowjobs to every guy they meet. People also fail to recognize that Schenectady High has a very elaborate fine arts, physical education, technology, and science wings and is also in the top 5% of high schools in the nation as far as variety of class offerings go. It is also currently the only school in the capital reigon to offer a full International Baccalaureate diploma with which a certain someone, got accepted into Yale. On top of that the diversity is mind-blowing and well prepares you for all of the different types of people you will meet in life. So, top that Niskayuna and all of you other suburban schools whose success is nothing more than a cover-up of your weaknesses.
"Oh my God, did you hear about that riot at Schenectady High School? They have shootings like every day!"

"Oh my God, did you hear that girl that graduated last year from Schenectady High School got accepted into Yale?!?!"
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KissTheStars가 작성 2006년 12월 09일 (토)
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