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An Indian name meaning the vastness of the equator and it also means the sensuality of the evening.
The Language Bengali incorporates this name.
Sayan Mitra
Artim가 작성 2009년 12월 03일 (목)
"The coolest Indian kid around, yo! Man, he's so awesome and is down wit it' ya know what I mean? He's like...everything good packed in one, ya know what I mean? But he's also da dopest and illest kid around. Bing, Bang, Sayan! YEAHHH! Ya feel me bros, yo life isn't complete without talkin' to Sayan! If you haven't hearda Sayan, read this and spread da word. Tell yo friends about Sayan! Word up ya'll. And remember to vote for Obama! Word up ya'll, I'ma go get some solid tight grills and play a game of Hood Bingo!"
-George Bush
July 1st, 2008

Sayan is a human being, not a god, contrary to popular belief. Rumours have it that Sayan recently became the most attractive individual on the face of the Earth.

Sayan's ethnicity is East Indian, and recently he has given 97.35% of Asians a good reputation. The rest haven't heard of him.

Some of the fans of Sayan have created a religion called Sayanism which is popular in Northern Europe, Midwestern America, Southern Canada, Wester South American, Central America, Central Asia, Eastern Africa, and the entire continent of Antarctica. It is still growing.

There are many adjectives and phrases that have derived from Sayan's name like: Sayanly, Man, he's so bad at ballin' he makes Sayan cry, and Sayanific. Recently the amount of Sayan-Praising Jokes and Stories have surpassed Chuck Norris's jokes and stories.

One of them are: Recently, Sayan got a bad grade on a test. The teacher who gave it to him was never heard from again.

A story about Sayan would be: Our world is really a spinning basketball which is being spun on the tip of Sayan's finger.

The state Sayanists are most popular is Ohio.

For more information about Sayan, check out the Cool Indian Kids section in your local library.

No examples can define the awesomeness of Sayan.
Sayan's Number 1 Fan가 작성 2008년 07월 10일 (목)
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