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A small town with a 2 lane freeway, that has the traffic of a 3 or 4 lane freeway.

It used to have character, but the local governement tore down all the historical buildings to "modernize," which then made them neglect the downtown area which has now gone to ruin and is stricken by poverty.

The local government also does a horrible job with maintaining the local economy, by letting in large corporations which push out local business, and making it hard for letting local business to open.

Santa Maria High School's facilities are a joke. The classrooms are out-dated and the football field is hideous. Althought, it had many good programs (the best of which is the welding program) and has more 4-H funding then they can handle.

Pioneer Valley High School has some of the best facilities in the state, taking that they were given over 20 million in state funding, due to a bad write-up by a district member (not going to name names). They have quite a few fountains, a terf football field, rubber track, nice baseball fields, very up-to-date weight room and wonderful tennis facilities.

Local restaurants are wonderful, if you can find them. The large chain restaurants are all located near the freeway, while the wonderful places, such as: Shaw's, DW's American Bistro and Brick's are all hidden inside the city near Broadway.

Santa Maria is overall nicely sized in population, but also known for its strawberries. Santa Maria has the best strawberries in the nation, and any local can tell you that.

Santa Maria is also known for Santa Maria style BBQ, known as tri-tip. Anyone from Santa Maria knows where tri-tip comes from, and now so do you.
Santa Maria is a great place to drive through while on the way to Santa Barbara or Pismo Beach.
vachrissy가 작성 2006년 10월 12일 (목)
a sweet, gentile soul, walk on your tipy toes around this sensitive lover.
Poor Tarek, his roommate keeps yelling at him because he forget to pick up santamaria's tampons.
Betsy4324가 작성 2010년 10월 20일 (수)
The other Little Tijuana located on the central coast in California. Its thirty minutes South of SLO and about 45 min North of Santa Barbara. What use to be a beautiful valley now looks like a city land fill.

Facebook Now has a page that a few thousand people feel that crossing over the Santa Maria Border feels like going into mexico aka Tijuana .

Also know for having the worlds best Strawberries and Santa Maria Stlye BBQ and Tri-tip.
You are sure this isn't little Tijuana?
Sadly yes this is Santa Maria!
bubbles234가 작성 2011년 02월 02일 (수)
When during Thanksgiving dinner you have sex with your girlfriend, or what ever slut you pick up off the street, on the table through the Thanksgiving turkey while everyone is eating dinner.
Did you see Uncle Jim santa maria his girl last Thanksgiving?
Norman Fedora가 작성 2011년 11월 01일 (화)
a slutty girls school in the nothern suburbs of melbourne who have shit teachers and pornstars for students.
"hey alessandra on our free period wanna go get laid?" "yeah cos santa maria sucks i wouldnt mind doing that actually."
hairydick가 작성 2008년 02월 11일 (월)
An annoying city in Southern California just Northwest of Santa Barbara and south of San Luis Obispo. Extremely Conservative political views, lots of Mexican immigrants and a very high level of poverty and computer incompetence. Also has an annoying level of traffic downtown.

Nice otherwise, though.
iCeD가 작성 2003년 09월 29일 (월)
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