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The SAMMIES (Sacramento Area Music Awards) are designed to recognize emerging and popular Sacramento area bands and solo performers, and to illuminate the region's vibrant music scene.
The SAMMIES Awards Ceremony take place in July each year, include a festival, awards & live performances from some of Sacramento's best local musicians.

A Sammie is the Sacramento Area Music Award.
"Who won the Sammies Award for 2009?"

"I'm not sure if I remember all of em but I think the Readers’ Choice Winners were:

Outstanding Emcee
Random Abiladeze

Outstanding Hip-hop Producer

Outstanding Hip-hop/Rap
Righteous Movement

Outstanding Turntablist
DJ Epik

Outstanding Singer-Songwriter
Be Brave Bold Robot

Outstanding Country/Americana/Folk
Light Rail

Outstanding Jazz/Blues/Latin
Ross Hammond

Outstanding Electronica
Tha Fruitbat

Outstanding Experimental

Outstanding Hard Rock/Metal
Man Automatic

Outstanding Hard Rock/Metal

Outstanding Punk/Hardcore
Final Summation

Outstanding Indie
The New Humans

Outstanding Pop
Agent Ribbons

Outstanding Rock
MC Rut

Outstanding Release/Album
MC Rut

Outstanding Reggae/Ska/Funk/Jam
Arden Park Roots

Outstanding Sacramento Band
MC Rut

Outstanding Teen Band
Red Wire Army"

"For somebody who ain't sure, you gotta friggin photographic memory"

"Yeah & I remember what your Mom's fupa looks like too!"
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