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Hot, sexy, handsome, intelligent African-American 6'1 tall male. Tends to love spaghetti and fast cars. He is easy to love, responsible, reliable and has a contagious laugh. He can go from being a DJ one weekend to being at a car show the next. He is also capable of having deep meaningful conversations about faith, love, and politics. If you meet a Rogbe and fall in love, you will never want to let him go. He knows how to treat a lady right. He is a true gentlemen that will always show everyone respect. He has a huge,sweet, loving,humble heart. A Rogbe is the closest one can get to perfection...but he can have a temper and get frustrated and go AHRHGHHHHHH!!! which, could scare people away. However, he is nice and sweet so is attracts people back. He is not a good singer though..but don't tell him because he might get frustrated and make scary sounds. He makes silly mistakes because he is stubborn..if you tell him he might have spelled something wrong and to look it over, he won't listen. He likes learning from his mistakes on his own. However, he comes out stronger and smarter. He is faithful and family and friends and his girlfriend know that they can always count on him.
Wow you are so complex and reliable! name is Rogbe.
strawberryeater가 작성 2012년 08월 03일 (금)
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