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A grocery store chain in the suburban Boston area, established in the 1960's, that is known for its unreasonably high prices and "family values". In reality, it has an uncanny ability to destroy the social lives of its teenage employees and suck the life out its other workers. Full-time employees who work here are either closet drug addicts, high school dropouts, men with wicked hard boston accents, or illegal immigrants. Most customers include senile senior citizens and needy stay at home moms who pay no attention to where they place their shopping cart. Every store will also have one attractive high school girl, who will be harassed by, hit on, and/or eye-fucked by every guy worker over the age of 40, especially the store manager. Overall, it is one of the worst jobs for a teenager and wannabe competitor to other stores, such as Whole Foods and Stop and Shop.
Worker #1: Wow, I hate my fuckin life.
Worker #2: What do you expect brotha???, You work at Roche Brothers.
Worker #1: Well at least we have that hot chick on the register up front.
Worker #2: She's only 16.
Worker #1: Don't care...Its all that keeps me sane at this shit-hole.
theonlystore102가 작성 2012년 12월 11일 (화)
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