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Road trash is considered the ultimate right of passage for never-gonna-be-famous alternative band members who get drunk on really cheap beer & sleep with ugly or fat or stupid or just hilariously devoted groupies, while on the road.

The key to a girl being real Road Trash is that she is someone the band member would never sleep with in their hometown but proudly displays his conquest to his other equally drunk band mates when they are on the road.

Never mind that the band member is probably a scrawny, short, pock marked uber nerd. His willingness to sleep with a girl that is so obviously beneath him by his band mate's standards is proof that he is "one of us" and willing to go to any lengths just to sleep in a real bed & keep the band on the road, doing their gigs.
Rotten Johnny sleeps with a chubby drunk girl he met at a Frat house party where his band played and he proudly shows his friends the pics the girl posted on his Facebook page. Back home, his beautiful, successful, loyal girlfriend waits patiently for his return from the road, knowing that bedding Road Trash is just a way to get the band from one gig to the next.
mindnoise가 작성 2010년 08월 03일 (화)
1. A disparaging term used to describe a person or a group of people typified as lazy or lacking style and traveling on the freeway, usually by motorcycle.
2. Any card, or collection of cards, in a cardgame hand that is neither very high nor very low but rather middling and thus undesirable.
3. Any lousy card or resource in a cardgame or boardgame.
"Hold on, an exit is coming up here. Let me pass this roadtrash real quick and we'll stop at the gas station."

"Did you hear about Andy playing hearts the other day? He picked up his three cards and threw 'em across the table! Man, I couldn't believe the roadtrash that Alex had passed him!"
Doghouse가 작성 2006년 02월 01일 (수)
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