to be a motherfucker
Person 1: "I think we should just nuke the Middle East and kill every last one of those camel fuckers"

Person 2: "Your voting rights are hereby revoked you right-wing prick"
mark12433가 작성 2007년 11월 16일 (금)
Right wings are the equivalent to the Dark Side in Star Wars. Secretive, brash, heartless, bent on pointless tradition. The right wing, or conservative (anti-progressive) party, is a collection of wealthy politicians seated through social promotion, private lobbying, and secretive associations. Right wingers favor small and weak governments that can be easily controlled by wealthy capitalists, and in doing so protect their own interests and those of their political allies. A right winger is quick to judge, slow to concede, and impossible to converse with. (See Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, & Fox News) There may be some exceptions to the generalization.
A:"Look at that right wing holding a god hates fags sign!"
B:"Let's stick that sign pole up his ass"
jcjesuschrist가 작성 2010년 01월 25일 (월)
During the French Revolution, the nobility sat in the right wing (in contrast to the common people who sat in the left wing). To this day, the right wing continues to represent the rich and the powerful.
The right wing supports the status quo by oppressing the lower classes.
spline가 작성 2007년 11월 23일 (금)
Political ideology that accepts the belief that social inequalities are unavoidable and impossible to prevent.
That guy over there is a right wing skinhead.
rightwingthug가 작성 2015년 08월 09일 (일)
A term used to describe people who are so poor that they can't afford a proper education, diminishing their ability to think independently and as a result often end up working low paid manual labour jobs while blaming their inequality on foreign immigrants.
A tipe lyk dis so a join da UKIP. Viva la right wing.
JesusThinxUrACunt가 작성 2015년 03월 31일 (화)
The right wing is made up of people who are really conservative. Think hardcore Republicans, Tea Party, and Fascists (Yes, Fascism is a right wing ideology). Everyone at Fox News except for Alan Colmes, the dipshit who uses religion to justify making life hell for people who weren't born like him. The people who want to fuck up 98% of the nation for the richest 2%.
*Walking down the street with my AK going to the shooting range.*

*Right wing guy comes up to me and sees the Socialist International emblem on my shirt.*

Right wing: "You ain't American! You date that black bitch! You take away money from them peoples that earens it and gives it to da lazy Wetbacks and poor peoples who sit around on their asses all day, fuck, and make more kids so they can get bigger welfare checks from the government! You hate America! You want the terrorists to win! You want satanist commie bullshit to destroy this great nation of mine!"

*Tolerates his bullshit until I hear "this great nation of mine!*

*I load the AK-103 in my hands, cock it, and turn off the safety.*

Me: "Shut the fuck up, moron!"

*I kill him, for the world is better of without ignorant racists.*
barian가 작성 2010년 10월 28일 (목)
another word for conservatives, who seem overzealous, but really are no more extreme than the the left extremists, people in the right wing are simply the minority, so they're over scrutinized by the media.
The right wing is the right thinggg.
savannahk가 작성 2006년 03월 02일 (목)
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