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Pimp ass mother fucker from the street, he used to play for the bullets and the blazers, but they were too busy giving chris dudley dome to see what a beast this guy is. Gets alot of T's but whatever. He dont play that shit.
Yo mamas got the need for sheed.
David Stern가 작성 2004년 12월 19일 (일)
Bad ass nigger from Philly, who ain't afraid to get in nobody's way. He played years in for the Bullets, about 8 years for the Trailblazers, 1 20n points game against the Nets with Atlanat, and so far only one magical half of a year for the DEEtroit Pistons. He will resign babbbby!
There is no way the Pistons would have won the playoffs if they didn't acquire Rasheed Wallace
J-Rad from the blizzock가 작성 2004년 06월 17일 (목)
1. Plays power forward for the Pistons and is one of the most popular players in the league because of the intensity he brings to the game. Can post up download and fade away, or can spot up for a pull up 3.

2. A player known for getting technicals, set the record for most technicals in a single season.
'Sheed just dropped a baby hook shot over Tim Duncan on the baseline.

Oh shit, Ron Artest just got fouled by Rasheed Wallace and wants to start a fight........uh oh...
Young & Freedman가 작성 2005년 09월 26일 (월)
1. Crazy nigga that plays for the Pistons. He brings the intensity every night! Without him the Pistons wouldn't be the team that they are.

2. A great NBA player that has both inside and outside game.

3. A player that guarantees victory, and decides games for his team.
1. Don't fuck with the Pistons, that nigga Rasheed Wallace will kick your ass. He holds the single season record for most technical fouls.

2. Rasheed Wallace is the complete package. He can post up down low with the best forwards, and he also sit in the corner and drain a 3.

3. The Pistons have Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, and Ben Wallace, but they live and die by Rasheed Wallace's game. Whenever he scores 20 points or more they win, when he is held to less than that amount they always lose!
Young & Freedman가 작성 2005년 06월 16일 (목)
The last sip of beer that nobody wants because it is the worst part that makes you cringe.
"Dude, finish your Rasheed Wallace"
Steve Pop가 작성 2007년 03월 01일 (목)
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