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In 2006, Rapcat was rocketed to worldwide fame with his appearance in the now-famous Checkers/Rally’s TV commercial.

The most skilled cat-rapper on the scene today – and some say, the most skilled rapper of any species.

Rapcat’s got a flow that cannot be matched, honed in the streets and alleys of his hometown, Jersey City. In the tradition of the greatest East Coast rappers, Rapcat writes all his own lyrics.

Almost since he was a kitten, Rapcat was hustling his mixtapes on the street and in the parking lot of Checkers, his favorite hangout. His underground cred, already strong, skyrocketed when he got sent off to the St. Louis Home for Delinquent Felines, for the “crime” of dealing catnip. (Which is legal, but we all know no jury’s gonna give a cat a fair trial.)

While in “The Cage,” Rapcat perfected a tougher rhyme style. Once a week he’d squeeze through the bars and sneak over to Rally’s. He would bring some burgers back for himself, and some to trade with the other cats for balls of yarn and recording equipment.

By the time he got out for good behavior, Rapcat’s first full-length album was complete. His tales of hard livin’ on the streets form the core of “Look What I Dragged In,” already a bootleg classic.
Rapcat's new single just dropped, that shit is bumpin!
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Meredith (Miss M)가 작성 2007년 03월 15일 (목)
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