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1. Someone of little significance
2. Everyone that you don't know and some that you do

1. Trailer trash
2. Your mother
3. see above
4. Look around, they are everywhere. Can often be found at Safeway or exploring Woolly bush while wearing a flannelette shirt, black acca-dacca t-shirt or wife basher singlet as well as tight black jeans and desert boots (DB's).
There are three main keys to correctly identifying a Bogan:

1. The obligatory packet of wini-blues rolled up in the sleeve to draw attention to the guns that they have developed from years of being a wanker;

2. The stubby or can of Victoria Bitter (VB); which also proves how little taste and class Bogans possess; and

3. The 'Mullet' the haircut with its own motto:
'Business at the front, party at the back'
in some circles also referred to as:
'Party at the back, business at the front'
Either way it is still a shit haircut

Random Bogan:
Look in the mirror; tell me what you see
I wish these Random Bogans would just get out of my way

There are so many Random Bogans here; it is not hot. I would go so far as to say that it is so Luke warm here right now

So little air, so many Random Bogans

Your mother is a Random Bogan.
That makes your father a 'Random Bogan Mother Fucker'.
Guess that must really suck for you; good thing that as you are also a Random Bogan, no-one really gives a fuck

Harden the fuck up; stop being a Random Bogan
Luke Warm가 작성 2008년 07월 10일 (목)
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