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A disease that occurs to everyone who attends rampart high school. Side effects may include disappointed parents, A weird amount of confidence from being lesser than rival schools, and Herpes. This disease has tried to be treated with marijuana, but sadly the marijuana just strengthens the side effect of confidence. You will know someone has this disease if you recognize the following signs: (for the males) Flip Flops, Cargo shorts or even swim trunks when they don't intend to go swimming, Sleeveless shirts tank tops or even no shirt at all, white sunglasses with reflective lenses, and finally a backwards hat or even upside down visor.

(For the females) if they are overweight than they try to pull off yoga pants, if not then they dress like a goodwill poster child.
It is very hard to treat this disease especially if exposed to it for more than a year. The only treatment is to be put on a winning team, for example The Pine Creek Eagles.
"Hey dude did you win?"
"No our team hasnt even scored a touchdown we have that rampart high school disease."
Anna Conroy가 작성 2012년 06월 25일 (월)
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