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Pud Icon is an irregular event in a Bay Street Starbucks, in Toronto.
Pud (the Polack) sits in a chair and the Pud Iconesses sit round and hope to hear how they can make the leap from BOM to PM just like The Pud claims to have done. What they don’t know is that he is a charade! In reality, the closest he has gotten to being PM is managing his CAD$2K personal account through Schwab utilizing a ‘pure stock picking approach,’ which in reality is a humble attempt at Canadian index tracking with an overlay of bullshit. Pud's real job is junior sandwich artist manager at Bay Street Subway.
The Pud (posting on
Any of you care to come to a Pud Icon event at Bay Street Starbucks this afternoon? 5 P.M don't be late - and drinks are on you!
Clueless BOM1: Can you tell me if now is the right time to start studying for level 1?
Slightly less Clueless BOM: Yes I can’t wait! You can tell me how to get out of reconciling soft commodity futures and into sales trading of exotic derivatives! It’s about time I made the move as well!!! P.S. Lion are you coming? Pud can tell you how to get out of the middle office totting up rent cheques?
Clueless BOM2: I just graduated college (Ivey league) with a low GPA and a computer science degree. Pud, how do I get into investment management in one of the legendary Bay Street houses? This is what I have always wanted to do!
Hedgezilla: Pud, why do you bother?
N.B. Not to be confusion with Pop Icon, a British TV show.
robh353가 작성 2005년 09월 10일 (토)
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