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False or fake feminism.

When Women act or say they are self sufficient and don't need Men for happiness. Also striving for equal rights and equal

Basically being independent from Men's help and becoming self sufficient, yet not dismissing the social perks. Which if they did, would make them truly self sufficient.

Note: I am NOT saying that Women have no social disadvantages and that Men have no social advantages.
Female: I'm not going to have sex right now, I don't want to. I should not be treated as an object because I am a Woman. I am going to be strong, I don't need any help from Men to be happy.

Male: Ok. I think that is good.

Female: Good, hold my bags and come shopping with me, and my birthday is coming up, buy me a gift. $500 minimum.

Male: Cut the Pseudo-Feminism crap.
joe725가 작성 2008년 06월 13일 (금)
Any speech, ideology, position, or stance that uses the language of feminism to cloak a thoroughly anti-feminist attitude (for example, that women should never be offered advice on how to reduce their risk of rape because it isn't their responsibility to reduce their risk of rape, and offering such advice is therefore insulting, demeaning, and victim-blaming).

Also, the practise of cloaking or justifying socially unacceptable bigotry, rage, or resentment in feminist terms that make it sound enlightened and progressive.
"So, now Caitlin is saying that she's dating Jessica to be more 'womon-affirming', whatever that means." "My god, such pseudofeminism ... wonder how Jessica feels to know Caitlin isn't dating her because she likes her."
DancingKali가 작성 2011년 08월 12일 (금)
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