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A giant black binder, usually three to four inches in width, carried around by a Stage Manager. Usually substitutes pillows, writing surfaces, impact devices, and signifigant others. A Prompt Book holds any and all information gathered during a show, blocking notes, design notes, attendance, and props lists. The back is generally filled with to do lists (eg. Set To Do, Props To Do, Costume To Do, To Do To Do, etc.) and the front generally holds last minute sheets of notes. The inner flaps usually hold one sticky note per square inch, and the folders on the inside usually only exist due to the GAFF tape holding them in place. Often refered to as the, "If the Stage Manager spontaniously combusts, then all of the show information is here" book. May contain anything from chapstick to an alternate universe.

-An example of a spectacular Prompt Book can be found in an old Disney cartoon, Stanley. The "Great Big Book of Everything" is what every Prompt Book aspires to be.-
"Why is Jacob wearing an eye patch?"
"He touched the Prompt Book without asking."

"So who are you taking to Prom?"
"My Prompt Book."

"Has anyone seen the stage manager?"
"I think she's in the prompt book, I haven't seen her for hours."
DCPPSMALSJCS가 작성 2012년 04월 17일 (화)
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