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Something that can get in the way of doing what’s right, what needs to be done or it can make a person spend excessive energy on worrying about what doesn’t need that much attention or care; often intertwined with ones ego & pride.
don't remove that tag from the bed! you don't understand! it's the Principles of it all that matters!
Mr Wall가 작성 2006년 01월 23일 (월)
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A right rule of conduct that is to be abide by.
Principle: Where just standing by our principles!
Jedi_Master_Conor가 작성 2005년 11월 29일 (화)
A main character in a piece of performing art. Examples include: In opera, any singer with a primary part; in ballet, a soloist or pair of soloists.
They are usually overpaid when compared to the exceeding amount of work put in by the chorus of an opera. Sure theyve got talent since they are singing in a freaking opera by themselves, but that is their job. Chorus members usually have other jobs outside of the opera.
There is also undue credit in many circumstances. A member of a chorus was once selected for a principle part. Suddenly she thought she was hot shit because she said 2 lines of libretto alone. She got a photo in the Playbill and a short bio. The rest of the choristers got their name in once and 100 dollar check at the end of the show.
"Hmm. Your B flat was a little TOO flat Id say, you should practice more."
"You know what Gloria, Ive waited a month to tell you this, but your shit doesnt stink any less than mine. You couldnt hit a B flat even if you were lipsynching you turkey-necked fatball. You need to be a fucking team player because the rest of the chorus applauds for all the principles at curtain call, even you. BITCH"
"Yea Im still working on that"
Cliff Whitty가 작성 2006년 06월 17일 (토)
n., positive

when there are too many bad students and there is only one principled person, the Principle.

a high number of brats, thugs, haters are more numerous and negative, but the principle is positive. he leads by example and is good and helpful.

to be above the crowd, yet it is not important what other people think about you.
Easy Slick - you man, i'm cut'n class again today, i dont need this stuff!

Principle - you should be in school and going to class and learning something instead of just get'n your kicks. . . . and whats with the easy slick, you're white!
Harry Day가 작성 2010년 01월 13일 (수)
The head person in a school environment. Usually feared by students of the K-5th grade. Somewhat respected by students of the 6th-9th grade. Respected only by students from the 10th-12th grade who think the Principle is "cool". Never respected by alumni who are "gangsters" or those who think they are.
K-5th Grade
Little Susan: "Oooo im going to tell the teacher!"
Little Jake: "No don't! She will send me to the Principle!"

6th-9th Grade
Susan: "Im telling."
Jake: "Ey wait up...ah whatever."

10th-12th Grade (Like Principle)
Samantha: "I actually like the Principle i had a talk with him he's cool."
John: "Yeah i agree!"

10th-12th (Hate Principle)
Jessica: "Ughh here comes the Principle."
Susan: "Fucken hate that bitch!"

Juan: "Eyy foo you got the weed."
Jose: "No homes the fucken Principle almost caught me the other day i had to leave it at the homie Joker's pad."
Juan: "Fucken hate the Principle foo!"
Wanterito가 작성 2010년 12월 09일 (목)

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