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01: a person that's considered vain, temperamental and/or conceited.
02: a distinguished female operatic singer; a leading female operatic star; a diva.
A true prima donna is a diva. A prima donna wanna-be can be very prideful for example.
Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant가 작성 2004년 11월 27일 (토)
From Italian words meaning "first woman" or "first lady", depending on your preference, the prima donna is the leading lady in a performance, and especially in opera. Can also be called a diva.

Is now often used to describe someone arrogant, vain, or just plain bitchy. Diva and prima donna have become synonomous with a show-off or a bitch, regardless of whether or not the person in question is male or female.
Maria Callas was one of the great dive (DEE-vay) of the twentieth century. A coloratura-spinto soprano, she was determined to be the best of the best on the stage, often singing outside of her natural singing range, which eventually ruined her voice and led to her downfall. This Greek diva was known to give tantrums offstage. Still, her strong, metallic, if not angelic, singing and good sense of high drama enabled her to become a stellar actress and singer.

Fans claim that she was feuding with fellow soprano, the Italian spinto-lyric soprano, Renata Tebaldi, despite the strong friendship between the two singers.

Did you see that?! Charlotte pushed me off the stage and grabbed the spotlight for herself! What a prima donna!
Lorelili가 작성 2005년 05월 29일 (일)
A female who thinks she is the most high, and disregards everyone else. Always right
That bitch thinks she's some kinda primadonna!
MR.BURNONE가 작성 2008년 08월 14일 (목)
"Prima donna" refers to someone who is vain, arrogant, unreasonably, and difficult to work with. Unlike "diva" (which has largely replaced the older term), prima donna is more easily used for either gender. The term also implies that a prima donna is overrated due to an overestimated sense of self-importance. Many actors, professional sports stars, and musicians could be labeled prima donnas.
Bono. My money is on Bono holding the record for biggest fucking prima donna in the entire history of prima donnas.
Cryosaur가 작성 2008년 05월 11일 (일)
A person who is vain and consider themselves too good to do certain tasks and live under conditions they consider inadequant
Michelle is a prima donna because she won't help her brothers take out the trash.
Gerard Irick가 작성 2009년 11월 10일 (화)
Someone who exhausts you with their constant need for affection to glorify their massive egos. You don't want to be their friend anymore but you're afraid they'll take out an ad in the newspaper denouncing you as someone uncaring just because you abhor interacting with them any longer.
Casey is truly a prima donna, but intelligent enough to contact the editors of the WSJ, so I'll continue to suffer his presence.
#1 Thrilla가 작성 2009년 11월 03일 (화)
Members of korean band FT Island's fanclub, also referred as 'pri'

One of the least crazy fanclubs in kpop.
super junior fangirl: omg elf is the best fanclub ever!
ft island fangirl: elf is insane. primadonna are super nice people.
xshinebrighterx가 작성 2009년 11월 16일 (월)
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