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Hybrid of "Pretend" and "Befriend"

When one is walking by them selves and lonely, To prefriend is to walk close enough to a group of people so that passers by assume you are with the group, but not so close as to make the group think you are following them.

Note: If one actually believes that they are with the group, they are not "Prefriending", they are just Delusional.
To "Prefriend" to be with someone,
One can be "Prefriending" to be with someone.

Person 1: "Hey look at Pete, I didn't know he was friends with the Jocks"
Person 2: "What?...Nah he's not, He's just "Prefriending" to be with them"
Person 1: "Pfft, What a loser"
Disco Alpingu가 작성 2007년 05월 27일 (일)
An aspect of social networking, where a person friends someone they no positive social connection with, for the sake of boosting their friend count, and perceived social status.
Jonas prefriended me on Facebook last week. We each thing the other guy is an asshole, but I prefriended him back to push me over 500 friends.

Ultra-popular Kim: Heather, why did you friend Jill last week, she's such a loser?
Just-as-popular Heather: Because she worships me just like my other 1200 friends on Facebook, confirming my popularity and ensuring I'll win the vote for Homecoming Queen.

Heather grows up to become the skanky trophy wife of a used-car salesman. Jill grows up to be a lawyer and makes partner at a major law firm.
prefriender가 작성 2010년 06월 07일 (월)
To creep on a prospect's social networking profile before meeting them in order to gain a social advantage when actually meeting and conversing with said prospect.
Henry - "I like this girl but I know nothing about her, and I'm going to a party tonight where she'll be."
Clyde - "You should totally pre-friend her so you have something to talk about!"
grimymonkey가 작성 2013년 05월 28일 (화)
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