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Girls that wear WAY too much eyeliner and white shimmery eyeshadow. With greasy hi-lighted hair with BAD roots in a cheesy high ponytail with a bow made out of cheap ribbon. They walk around NorthPark Mall in dallas with their light wash Abercrombie Kids jeans with rips over their knees and hollister/aeropostale/american eagle shirts with the logo stamped right across their chest that are 5 sizes too small with their little "coach" wristlets that they bought at Sam Moon. Don't forget their pink razors that are peeking out of their back pockets and the small bit of a thong showing that they probably bought at the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale. Along with their silver dangle earrings that look like they could rip through their earlobes from Claire's and their knock off sunglasses that they wear indoors on their head and their plastic nails from the drug store. If you achieve all of the things mentioned above and are a girl, you are officially ready to move to plano.
Random Guy: "That girl is such a ho I bet she would hook up with me."

Random Guy's Friend: "Duh! She is a Plano Girl!"
Anonymous High School Student가 작성 2009년 06월 21일 (일)
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