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A coool , nice person , that i cant get enough of (: . He's theee besttt frieennd ive ever met & he makes my day everday , all day :D . He makes fun of a girl name Thi too much , but its all goood . He's funnny , and he would never fail to make you laugh . :D This guy is located in cambodia , because hes a loser and wont come back to the US . If you dont like this guy , your just jealous , because everyone has to like him . He's a shoe head & all he buys is shoes . If you ever mess with him , this girl name Thi will be ready to beat youu upp . :D He's always there for you no matter what and you can NEVER stay away from him . This guy is hellla cute , cuter than all the rest . All the girls are likeee hollerringgg at him , yaaa' knowww ? (: If you ever meet a Phuchistar , he should be a hell of a sweeett guy , & he always tells the truth . This guy is good at OMGPOP , & thinks he could beat everyone , which he can , mostly at poool . He has a good sense of style and looks hellla sexy in RED ! (: A Phuchistar is the most awesomest person , & you will NEVER regret meeting one :D , atleast Thi didnt . & You alwayss havee too loveee him , likeee a tedding bear (: ! Did I mention Thi loves him ? (:
Thi ; Have you met a Phuchistar yet ?

Stranger ; No , but I want to .


<3 (:
PhuchiSTAR12345가 작성 2010년 08월 10일 (화)
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