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An extremely expensive University located in the mountains of Malibu overlooking the Pacific. Walk through the student parking lots and you are sure to see at LEAST a handful of cars that are more expensive than your house back in your hometown. Everyone here is either a Bibling-thumping Jesus Freak or parties so hard that they hardly remember their weekends--there is no middle ground here. Best part of Pepperdine is definitely the overseas program...that and making rich friends who will buy you anything you want.
Person 1: Dude I got into Pepperdine University!
Person 2: Unless you have friends at USC be ready to pray to jesus everyday for the next four years
williethewave가 작성 2007년 10월 01일 (월)
One of the most well-connected universities on the west coast espeially in SoCal. Without question contains the most beautiful views from some of there cafeterias. Jocks basically run the school they do what they want they party and play shitty. No one comes here to win a championship. We could beat the Zags in basketball if our boys would work as a team and figure it out. we have three of the top freshmen on the west according to reliable sources like sportscenter and Our volleyball and baseball are nationally ranked year in year out. and as for our water polo team they were ranked number 4 in the country at one point this year. i heard they beat the bruins in westwood in like six overtimes. Most sports have young rosters if you look them up. Next year I predict a NCAA tourney run for bball and a national championship in at least volleyball(they won like two years ago and lost in national semi finals last year.)waves baseball is on the rise, likewise for the polo boys. they brought in the best recruiting class in 2007. so look out for domination in the DUB C-C or the MPSF.

Now the girls are top notch in looks. But 25% of the girls are so sluty Wilt Chamberlin would not touch them. About 68% are anti-social jesus freakes who will never do anything. The rest are the athelte chicks that are split right down the middle. some are hott some are not. some party some study.

I chose to play a Div. 1 sport at Pep over Cal because of many reasons. No one has anything on the BU!!
pepperdine waves, seaver college or pepperdine university. Bible School.
Malibu U, Sunday school 24/7, Peppershine, Malibu's finest, PCA, Crack Whore Heaven, Malibu Skins
youtoel1288가 작성 2008년 02월 07일 (목)
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