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Paulsie is a severe mental illness characterized by isolationism and a fanatical obsession with the fringe Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. Paulsie is a rapidly progressive illness. Symptoms usually begin slowly, comments such as "But he wants to PRESERVE THE CONSTITUTION!" may be displayed months before the later stages of Terminal Paulsie set in.

Symptoms of Terminal Paulsie are often confused for those of Schizophrenia; sufferers are usually delusional, paranoid, unpredictable, and have an almost fetishist obsession with the "Free Market". Anyone attempting to reason with an Terminal Paulsie sufferer is warned to proceed with extreme caution, as they are known to become extremely violent and irrational or babble incoherently about 9/11 if their fragile alternate reality is threatened. Once Paulsie has reached the Terminal level, there is not treatment outside of a high-dosage Thorazine regimen due to the lesions Paulsie form on the logic centers of the brain. However, if Paulsie is caught early enough, it may be possible to slow or reverse the damage through puberty or the administration of steel-toed boots to the abdomen until symptoms are no longer present.
1. "Ever since Billy caught the Paulsie he's begun to call us sheeple and masturbate to Ayn Rand."
Dr. Ron Paul가 작성 2008년 01월 13일 (일)
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