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1. Lead vocalist for the best softcore rock band Fall Out Boy.
2. A fcuking adorable guy.
3. Most often caught wearing a hat, with his awesome sideburns hanging out the sides, and his glasses.
Did you see Pats glasses fall off when he went crowdsurfing? Hes so hXc!
Hannahhhhh가 작성 2005년 06월 27일 (월)
Vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Fall Out Boy. He has large sideburns. He wears glasses and hats most of the time.
Patrick sang so well at the show last night!
clicheeeeeeee가 작성 2005년 04월 29일 (금)
1) The most cutest guy in the best band evor: FALL OUT BOY
Pat is like the pillsburry doughboy, a LITTLE chubby, too cute, and wen u push his belly he goes HMM! HMM!, pat just makes u go aww

Plus: I love his Hair and Voice
Phuong ROX!가 작성 2004년 09월 01일 (수)
Patrick Stump is the sexy lead singer in the band Fall Out Boy. He can also play guitar. He has a hard time telling stories as you can see in the interviews on their website. He sometimes crosses the line trying to be funny but Pete Wentz is always close by to straighten that boy out. Like that Buffalo Bill joke. "Wanna Slip Into Something More Comfortable?" Lol. FOB fans know what I mean. He's slimmed down a bit but he was sexy even before he did.
Patrick Stump dislikes being called Pat because that's his moms name.
Jess Jess가 작성 2005년 07월 17일 (일)
Patrick Stump, lead singer of the Chicago-based band Fall Out Boy, was born as Patrick Martin Stumph on April 27, 1984, in Glenview, Illinois. He dropped the 'h' to avoid pronunciation confusion, and he dislikes being called Pat because that is his mother's name.
Stump joined Fall Out Boy in 2001, when he was just 17. He planned to audition to be the drummer, but took up lead vocal duties instead. Prior to joining Fall Out Boy, he had never sung for a band, or even had vocal lessons. He was also forced to learn to play the guitar days before the band's first tour because one of the original guitarists quit.
Stump met Joe Trohman in a Borders bookstore. They got into a discussion about a band they both liked, then Trohman asked Stump if he would like to be in a band with another friend, Pete Wentz. Stump agreed. The rest of the band came over to his house and he auditioned for Fall Out Boy in shorts and a red and blue argyle sweater. The band played "Through Being Cool" by Saves the Day.
Many people dislike Stump's distinct style of singing and pronunciation. However, on the latest album, he purposefully slurred the lyrics to make them sound better. He has done guest spots on CDs for bands including The Hush Sound, October Fall, and Gym Class Heroes. He has worked as a producer for The Hush Sound and Gym Class Heroes.
Stump also writes the music for Fall Out Boy's songs. His best friend, Pete Wentz, has repeatedly and jokingly said that Stump smells badly. However, Wentz just enjoys teasing him.
Stump has appeared in a short film on Wentz's DVD "Release the Bats." The film was named Bedussey. Stump plays the title character, who is a cocaine dealer and addict, as well as Bad Twin. "Release the Bats 2" is currently being filmed.
Patrick Stump always wears a hat.
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Emily :-D가 작성 2006년 06월 21일 (수)
1. the lead singer of pop-punk-ish (more pop than punk) band Fall Out Boy.
2. EXTREAMLY attractive
3. Has one of the best damn voices i have ever heard.
4. Once and for all, Fall Out Boy is NOT emo, i repeat not emo, they may follow emo fashion trends but they are not an emo band.
I personally like Patrick stump better on take this to your grave, that record relates more to me, being a teenager. Pete is 26, just shy of 11 years my senior, so yeh it speaks more to me, patrick is only 22 so you never know...
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michele is cool가 작성 2006년 05월 25일 (목)
Patrick Stump is the lead vocalist for the Chicago based band Fall Out Boy
His full name is Patrick Martin Stump(h)
He and Joe Trohman(guitarist for FOB) met at a Borders Bookstore on accident and Fall Out Boy was formed soon after.
adj: Chubby, cute, talented
Patrick Stump's sideburns are adorable
Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz are best friends
No, Patrick has never had voice lessons, his amazing talent is natural
#patrick stump #fall out boy #vocalist #sideburns #pete wentz
iSWEARiSAY가 작성 2006년 06월 08일 (목)
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