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Somewhat disparaging reference to Barack Obama supporters as unthinking and messianistic. Combination form of O from Obama and Borg from Star Trek TNG, the bleak collective formed by drones who surrendered all capacity for individual thought: "resistence is futile".
Obama's speech was nothing new but his appeal to change we can believe in thrilled the oborg once again.
marknmpls가 작성 2008년 08월 27일 (수)
A deluded collective of mindless, desensitized automatons who's primary goal is the assimilation of all others into their group. This angry and aggressive effort to assimilate appears to be an attempt to validate a false sense of moral and intellectual superiority. The motivation for this obsessive pursuit seems to spring solely from their mindless devotion to a man known as... 'The Obama'. At this time it appears that 'The Obama' is merely an inexperienced, unqualified and unethical politician but their unfounded belief that he is much more is cause for further investigations {*}.

More recent investigations have reveal a further communal belief that, once assimilation has reached critical mass, the ObamaHive will rule the world and all broken souls will be made whole again by 'The Obama'. Yet it is also believed, by specialists in the field of 'Cult and Communalistic Studies', that each individual in this collective dreams of being the ONE that 'The Obama' will embrace and give credit to for his success... thus going against their own O'Borg principle of Hive Before Self.

{*} - Further investigations by CCS specialists are ongoing to determine if the Obama is truly the Borg King or merely a puppet of other masters.
When faced with an unexpected O'Borg attack it is best to avoid angering them and to quickly remove yourself to a safer area.
heart.puma가 작성 2008년 06월 28일 (토)
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