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A steam group and gaming community created by William "Jetboom" Moodhe, who is most well known for created the "Zombie Survival" game mode for Garry's mod. This community is well known for their outlandish sense of humor, lack of hospitality to newcomers, and their outright disapproval and hatred of Furries and Bronies. One notorious member of Noxiousnet who goes by the name of God-Emperor Takara is famous for bringing Furries and Bronies to their knees in a puddle of their own tears by the time they are done playing on the NoxiousNet server because of his constant expressed cynicism and ultimate hatred for the likes of them.

NoxiousNet is highly involved in the Garry's Mod community. The community has servers for games like Zombie Survival, Multiplayer TV, and the more recently added Retro-Teamplay. NoxiousNet's Zombie Survival server is their most popular, and involves new and less-experienced players attempting to defend against the oppressing zombie team, while veteran players relentlessly express their rage in at their incompetence using the chatbox and spamming voice commands.
__Example NoxiousNet Chatbox__

*player RainbowDash6969 has joined the server*
*relentless onslaught on brony ensues*
*player RainbowDash6969 has left the server*

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