A Christian school in South Bend. Known for the large amount of pompous assholes. Parents begin "preparing" their kids to go there around the age of 1 by making sure they are white, reading them bedtime stories that consist of why God was on their side in the 1988 Catholics vs. Convicts game against those heretic Miami students, and dressing them from head to toe in Fighting Irish babywear. Teach biased academics which, for some reason, are ranked in the top 20 in the country. If you are not Catholic, then don't attend.

People who attend or graduated from Notre Dame are relatively easy to spot. Just look for the rich pale white guy or girl giving a lecture on why abortion is a sin and why Jew's aren't human interspersed with references about "the greatest college football team of all time" and why University of Michigan sucks just because they say so. Remember, what they say goes. They then end their speech with a tone-deaf version of the Notre Dame Fight song and then run to church to ask God for forgiveness for accidentally holding the door open for a Muslim at their golf club a few hours earlier.
UC Berkeley student: Wow, our rugby team just won another National Championship.

University of Iowa student: That's pretty cool, our wrestling team just won it's 23rd national title

Duke University student: Yeah, we just won another basketball championship.

USC student: We won the third Water Polo championship in a row.

Notre Dame University student: Well, we have one of the best overall football records in college history.

All: Dude, fuck off. For the last time, we don't care how successful you're football team USED to be, you're still a fag.

Notre Dame student: I don't care if everybody hates me, as long as I have a football record to brag about!

Duke student: Oh, by the way, Rudy wasn't even that good of a movie.

Notre Dame student: YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!(Starts crying and running away)
killabitch897가 작성 2011년 01월 30일 (일)
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Notre Dame University is a catholic funded university that not only forgot its french roots but the meaning of their name too :our lady.
Notre Dame University / "NOTER DAYME" Student: but it's my accent, not my ignorance!! I swear...
MoonBrain가 작성 2014년 01월 19일 (일)
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