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Smallest city in Massachusetts that is know for having the largest contemporary art museum in the country. Hosts artwork by Meryl Streepe's husband, home of SFX company that worked on X-Men and other movies. Home of creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle creator Peter Laird. Located IN the Berkshires.
North Adams is a strange and beautiful place.
pizza jen가 작성 2008년 04월 17일 (목)
(n) small city in the northwest corner of Massachusetts, known for its gothic decrepit nature, its state college, its proximity to the Berkshires and the MassMoCa Art Museum, and, surprisingly, home to a top Hollywood SFX company.
North Adams is a strange place.
KazamaSmokers가 작성 2005년 04월 08일 (금)
north adamsis a shithole of a town in western mass, that offers nothing for the people that live there. Typical age for women to give birth in this town is around 15 years old. You can always find drugs here if you know the right people. Most of the population in north adams survive by living off of the government and popping out more kids. One in four households on any given street are usually deemed condemned,not due to poor landlord upkeep,but from the residents not giving a fuckabout anything but their checks on the first of the month. If you should go here,do not talk to anyone, but should you have to, don't tell them anything of importance,or within five minutes, the entire town will know your business. People in this town aren't so bright,so it's okay if you want to stop and stare. The only good things about North Adams, are the roads leading out of it going to Connecticut,New York,Vermont,New HampshireMaine,or Rhode Island. Basically, anywhere but here is a good place!
A conversation between a father/daughter from North Adams:
Girl:Dad I'm pregnant.
Dad:But you're only 15!!
Girl:Don't worry,my boyfriend is 32 and he gets a check on the 1st of every month!
Dad:Well,I guess you'll be alright then.Gotta make sure my baby's got herself a good man,just like her dad...
~LG~가 작성 2008년 07월 13일 (일)
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