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Noodle Ball is an aquatic sport which hybridizes aspects of Keep Away and Baseball with swimming. Noodle Ball was invented in Dayton Beach on June 28, 2012, by three intrepid youth of above average intelligence and athletic prowess hailing from Vancouver, BC.

Equipment for Noodle Ball is simple and affordable. One standard, regulation size noodle is required.

One relatively light ball is required; no heavier than a dodge ball but ideally not as light as a beach ball. It must be buoyant.

You must have a pool which is at least four noodles long to play in.

Noodle Ball is played with three teams of at least one player. One player, the noodler, starts in the middle of the pool with the other players on either side. The noodler attempts to hit the ball with her/his noodle as the other players attempt to throw it past her/him.

If the noodler makes contact with the ball using her/his noodle then the player who threw the ball immediately prior to contact becomes the noodler and the noodler replaces that player as a thrower. The noodler gets a point and the thrower looses a point. The player with the most points at the conclusion of the game is the victor.

Since its creation in mid-2012, the popularity of Noodle Ball has skyrocketed. Today it is known by at least twice as many people as it was only a year ago. It is rumoured that plans are in the works to establish the first Noodle Ball league, bankrolled by an anonymous wealthy entrepreneur who is said to be a Doctor.
Noodle Ball is a way better sport than Baseball, which is must more boring and less sexy by comparison.
noodler1가 작성 2013년 05월 18일 (토)
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